Why Travel with us?

We at Bhutan Daina Journey are committed to make your trip to Bhutan, an enriching enjoyable experience of a lifetime. We seriously believe that tourism enhances better understanding between people and fosters a good and peaceful relationship with nations and cultures.

9 reasons, why you should visit Bhutan with us :

  1. We have whole new team – New ideas yet based on old experience working in tourism indsutry for last decade.
  2. We aspire to be the Best Tour of the Year in few years time – So we mean quality !
  3. We give “Custom” tours to suit your likes. No “Canned” Scripted Tours.
  4. We focus more on your Satisfaction rather than showing off Bhutan
  5. We give special attention to special needs
  6. We ensure our Guides are friendly, knowledgeable,
  7. We organize all seasons – round the year tours
  8. We try our best to save cost for you
  9. We believe Time is money – so we ensure best time use